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Save Thousands of Vatu with
Real Value Coupons

Pay 2000vt a book and get more than 70,000vt worth of discounts.

Why Smart-Savers?

Innovative new product

This is something that’s never been done in Vanuatu before and we believe it’s high time for you to be able to benefits from such a product.
Knowing you have a discount, let's go and try new venues.
Everybody benefits from it.

Which features of our products will appeal to different market segments?

We are not constrained on one market segment but are trying to reach all types of businesses.  We will cover: Restaurant, Hotels, Adventures, Spas, Tours, Supermarkets.

Print media following international standards

We ensure you that our product is of high quality standard and style that is appealing to customers. We print our book internationally, with excellent quality paper and printing. Printed on recycled paper. It is just beautiful you’ll want to get it!

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Smart Savers
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Rue de Bretagne
Port-Vila (Vanuatu)

Help Desk:
+678 59 69 726